As with all things, technique is important, and it would be great to have a seasoned player present to give you that 30 second pointer to avoid that dreaded, aching, "crokinole finger."

The "crokinole finger" has been discussed for at least 100 years. So, here's what you do....put a disc on the board. Put your index finger, slightly curving, down on the board immediately behind the disc, with finger in vertical alignment and palm facing down, and heel of palm on board rim/rail. For dramatic effect and to demoralize the opposition, raise the other three fingers as an "artillery display!" NOW....while keeping your index finger in position, put your thumb against your index finger and "load" your finger, i.e., tense the index while holding with thumb, but really, not very much as you will see when you release the shot. It is more like pushing, versus "slapshooting" the disc, which is the cause of the dreaded “crokinole finger,” and associated pain. (Hockey players may relate to this as the difference between a wrist shot and slapshot.) By using this technique, you find your shooting much more controlled and accuracy improving in leaps and bounds! So when you become the next crokinole world champion, remember to credit where you learned the technique!