"The Crokinole powder I ordered for my two boards works wonders and provides a much better slide for the discs. My boards differ from each other, but the powder is consistent and offers ultimate gameplay. I am new to the world of Crokinole, but the game is addicting and so much family fun. We play it at every function we have and introduce more people to the game every time. I highly recommend this game and products to everyone. Thank you for the powder and all the advice you had to offer an amateur player such as myself." Breelyn, Torrance, California

"The board looks amazing and nice details. I love the "whiskey" disc canister. Thanks for getting this to me by Christmas, I’m looking forward to my Dad opening it. Merry Christmas." Ryan, Paradise, Newfoundland.

"I just wanted to let you know the board arrived safely yesterday. It’s beautiful. Thanks so much for taking such care with it!  We played a couple games last night even, and we’re jazzed to have the board in time for the holidays! Thanks again and merry Christmas!" Alyson, Watertown, Massachusetts.

"The boards were a hit. Several games played Christmas day and Boxing day. I have 2 more pictures to send. Thank you again and Happy New Year!!"  Don and Flo, Walkerton, Ontario

 “Thanks for delivering such a nice yet usable work of art in such a timely fashion. The board is a thing of beauty and the workmanship is outstanding. So much so that we hang in on our wall as decoration and bring it down to play on family games nights. I would recommend this to any family that is looking for a fun, inclusive family pastime with the added bonus of adding a conversation starter to the wall” Greg, North Vancouver, BC

"Thanks for the great board. I am craving competition…I’ve played my ski buddy and using your shooting technique, I’ve been dominant! High hopes for lots of usage." Greg, North Vancouver, BC.

"IT'S A KEEPER!! Thanks, Bernie you do good work and you packed it to perfection, no damage. Had our first games on it yesterday the day of arrival and we enjoyed your board immensely. Can't say it improved my game but I guess that is out of your realm. We will be having another crokinole night the end of Feb so maybe some people would be interested in your boards after that night. Thanks again."  Roy and Karen, Tatla Lake, British Columbia 

“I grew up on the east coast and when our local minister came by, there was always a crokinole board on the table as we talked.” Mary (aged 84), Big Bay, Ontario

"Thanks for the beautiful board. When [it’s] not in use, [it will] grace our walls. PS My first disc was a centre! That’s a sign." Elizabeth,  ...Don't worry about Elizabeth she's a real good Crok Player. I'll have to play my best to beat her...We were sitting around the Christmas tree last night and they were all trying to figure out what was in the Giant Box I wrapped it in.. No Idea. I'm sure she.. the Beautiful Board will provide many years of fun and memories. Thanks again, Bernie." Elizabeth & Phil, Sauble Beach, Ontario

"Bernie Range's crokinole boards are nothing short of magical. On a Christmas morning dominated by electronic gadgets, the crokinole board was the only thing under the tree that held anyone's attention past noon. It captivated everyone. The board is a thing of beauty, its playing surface polished to a glassy smooth finish. The game is easy to learn and nearly impossible to put down. I'm sure that between the quality craftsmanship and crokinole's addictive nature, we'll be playing it for generations to come in our family - maybe without much interruption!  - The Davidson family, Ottawa, Ontario

"I guess it all started in the dim dark days of my youth.  My parents had this old crokinole board that used to get dragged out at Christmas, or just about any day that saw the kids hanging around with noting much to do.  And the Laughter would start, and the chips would fly… and hours later our fingers would be sore, but our hearts would be soaring. 

     This Christmas I wanted to share some of those times with my family, but didn’t really know where you went to find good crokinole boards.  As luck would have it, I’d heard of Bernie Range and his crazy board obsession, and found out that he had a web-site and would build you a board at a reasonable cost. I wasn’t too keen on something that was going to fall apart after the first year of hard play.  But then I wasn’t too keen on paying a fortune either.

     A quick stop by Crokinolecraft.com and I’d lost my heart to a beautiful piece of artwork that doubled as a crokinole board.  Of course, being a typical male (and busy as well) I’d left the ordering to the last t be getting it in time.  But I made the call anyway.

     Beyond all expectations, not only did I end up with a top of the line board that has been in non-stop use since it came home… not only did I end up with a board that is beautiful enough that it doubles as artwork on the wall… not only is this thing built to last generations(!)… I had it early enough that I had to figure out how to hide it before Christmas!!!

     To anyone considering buying a crokinole board… I highly recommend crokinolecraft.com as your first stop.  It is like buying Mercedes quality at Toyota prices.  And it is an investment that will be paying off in fun and relationships long after your fingers give out.  Thank you Bernie for this wonderful gift! Jeremy & Laurel, Walkerton, Ontario

“My dad would line up crokinole disks behind all the pegs on the board and then for practice I would have to see how many shots it would take me to remove all of them.” Colleen, Kemble, Ontario

"Thanks for an awesome Christmas! We had a great time! It was nice to hang around the chalet playing games including [crokinole on] your awesome crokinole board! I was happy to see my parents hang it with pride on the front of the kitchen bar (photo attached). My sister and brother-in-law have especially fallen in love with the game so you might get another commission from them soon enough. They mentioned shopping around elsewhere for one, but the quality was never up to snuff."  JP, Toronto / Ottawa

"Our Crokinole Craft board (#42) has been one of the most memorable gifts to my youngest son by his father and mother. It was an easy choice, as it was a piece of art, deserving of hanging on a wall, as a constant reminder of one of the best leisure choices a family could make. My son, Bernie, is a formidable player, and we have had many bonding moments playing this totally addictive game. Bernie has also developed a good sense of chess and checkers. It is no coincidence, he is named after his famous uncle. Manfred & Anne, Creston, BC